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Memorial Day Flag Protocol

Memorial Day Flag Protocol

Memorial Day Flag Protocol

Memorial Day Flag Protocol

The American flag is flown at 1/2-staff anytime the nation is mourning. The correct protocol for flying the American Flag on Memorial Day relatively differs from other occasions when flags are flown at half of-employees.Memorial Day Flag Protocol

On Memorial Day, flags are speedily raised to full-staff position after which slowly lowered to half of-staff, where they remain from sunrise until noon to honor the dead servicemen and females of this country. At midday, the flags are raised swiftly to full-employees in recognition of dwelling army veterans who served the country. The flags stay at full employees unless sunset. Every time the flag is flown at half-staff, other flags (including state flags) will have to be eliminated or flown at half of-employees as good.

Protocol for Flags Mounted on Homes

For flags that are not able to be reduced, reminiscent of those installed on properties, an acceptable replacement is to connect a black ribbon or streamer to the highest of the flag pole, straight under the decoration on the finish of the pole. The ribbon or streamer should be the same width as a stripe on the flag and the equal size because the flag.

If the flag is wall-set up, attach three black bows alongside the highest edge of the flag—one at each corner and one in the middle.

Other Occasions When Flags Fly at Half-Staff

There are numerous other events when flags are flown at half-staff. No one rather then the president and state governors can order the flag to be flown at half of-staff. Occasions comprise:

*Flags are flown at half of-staff in any respect U.S. Federal constructions, grounds, territories and Navy ships for 30 days when the present or a former president dies.
*they’re flown at 1/2-employees for 10 days following the loss of life of the vice president, speaker of the condo of Representatives, the chief justice or retired chief justice of the Supreme court docket.
*Flags fly at half-staff unless the burial of a former vice chairman, governor of a state, partner justice of the Supreme courtroom or the Secretary of a army division.
*within the Washington, D.C. Area, flags are flown at 1/2-staff on the day of and the day following the loss of life of a U.S. Senator or representative.
*The president may just order the flag to be flown at half of-staff to recognize the loss of life of a pleasant American or non-American. Flags flew at 1/2-employees in 2016 after the death of former first girl Nancy Reagan, in 2013 on the death of Nelson Mandela, in 2005 in cognizance of the passing of Pope John Paul II, for King Hussein of *Jordan in 1999, Israeli high Minister Yitzhak Rabin in 1995 and British prime Minister Winston Churchill in 1965, amongst many others.
*The president could order the flag to be flown at half of-employees when a tragic event happens within the U.S. Or somewhere else, together with for the victims of the July 2016 attack on cops in Baton Rouge and for the victims of the August 2016 attack in pleasant, France.
*furthermore to Memorial Day, the flag flies at 1/2-employees on Patriot Day (9-11), Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day (December 7) and national Fallen Firefighters Memorial carrier (Oct 9)

Memorial Day Flag Protocol

Memorial Day Flag Protocol

Memorial Day Flag Etiquette

When the flag is displayed from a employees projecting out of your residence—a window, balcony, or different outcropping—the union should be at the height of the employees until the flag is at half employees. You could affix a memorial streamer of black crepe to the employees right away under the spearhead of the flag. It should be no wider than 1 foot with a view to suit the proportionality of the typical measurement flag. This is an appropriate alternative for flags that are not able to be decreased to half-employees.

Right flag etiquette also requires you to ensure that the flag is in pristine situation. There will have to be no holes or tears, and the colour will have to be vibrant, now not pale. Within the illustration of unhealthy weather, you must now not fly the flag unless it’s an all-climate flag. If the flag shouldn’t be in just right situation, properly cast off the American flag, and acquire a brand new one to correctly show.

Flying The Flag On Memorial Day

Flying the flag at half of-staff is an subject of flag etiquette that most persons wish to ensure they get proper. Additionally it is an discipline for which the avenue to error is commonly paved with just right intentions. With that in intellect, we offer this refresher course because the all-major intersection where capabilities meets benevolence.

FLYING THE FLAG AT 1/2-staff: The pertinent component to the Flag Code says, “with the aid of order of the President, the flag will probably be flown at half-employees upon the demise of important figures of the U.S. Govt and the Governor of a State, territory, or possesion, as a mark of recognize to their memory. In the occasion of the death of alternative officers or overseas dignitaries, the flag is to be displayed at half of-employees in step with Presidential orders, or in accordance with recognized customs or practices no longer inconsistent with legislation.

In the occasion of the loss of life a reward or former authentic of the government of any State, territory, or possession of the USA, the Governor of that state, territory, or possession may just proclaim that the national flag might be flown at half-employees.” The code additionally includes different associated important points including the designated size of time throughout which the flag will have to be displayed at half-staff, within the event of the death of a “principal figure”(e.G., 30 days for the loss of life of a sitting or former President, 10 days for the death of a sitting Vice-President,and many others.).

Memorial Day Flag Protocol

Memorial Day Flag Protocol

Good-religion MISUNDERSTANDINGS: despite the fact that the code is truly lovely clear, confusion continues to arise. For example, U.S. Attorney normal Janet Reno not too long ago ordered the American Flag flown at half of-employees on all U.S. Department of Justice constructions, in honor of a few DEA sellers who had died. Even as NFF knows this gesture, the Flag Code does now not provide attorney basic Reno the authority to predicament that order. Towards NFF’s Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania home, Mayor Tom Murphy ordered all flags flown at half-staff to honor the victims of a airplane crash. Here once more, a well-intentioned gesture, however one for which no authority exists. NFF features out these “just right-religion misunderstandings” to not criticize or embarrass any one, but instead to go off a developing trivialization of this memorial salute, and to continue the respect and importance of flying the U.S. Flag at half-staff. To any readers who may just feel that NFF is insensitive for raising these breaches of etiquette, please be guaranteed that our explanations are pure. We grieve these human loses deeply; nonetheless, we believe correct admire for our flag must be maintained – irrespective of the situations.

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